Panty-Dropper Cocktail: The Alley Cat at Catalyst Bar

We’re delighted to have discovered another social lubricant at Catalyst Bar inside The Quad. This new bar has a wonderful selection of signature cocktails, made even more wonderful by the fact they’re free when you’re playing video poker.

Get a load of the Alley Cat cocktail.

Alley Cat cocktail
Resistance is futile.

This specialty cocktail, which isn’t on the menu yet, but absolutely should be, has muddled raspberries, blackberries, lemon juice, Ciroc Red Berry vodka, St. Jermaine liqueur, a dash of cranberry juice and a little frothy egg white to pretty it up a little.

To get the Alley Cat, you’ll need to find Tom, one of our favorite Vegas bartenders, as much for his mixology skills as his piercing gaze.

Tom the bartender
Did we say gaze? We meant flair. But whatever. Tom’s cool.

If you haven’t been by The Quad lately, you’ll want to stop in. The casino has been completely renovated since the joint was the Imperial Palace, and the new O’Sheas is open, just off the casino floor.