Nerds Rule: “Star Trek” Record Crushed at Rio Vegas

All the good stuff happens in Las Vegas. In this case, it was a new world record for “Most People Dressed in ‘Star Trek’ Costumes.” And, yes, in nerd circles, this is a pretty big deal. (It should be mentioned “nerd” is said with affection, as we are they.)

The new record was claimed at the Rio Las Vegas, during the annual official “Star Trek” convention, and 1,085 costumed attendees took part.

We were at the Rio when the record was broken in 2011, with 1,040 people.
We were at the Rio when the record was broken in 2011, with a mere 1,040 people.

Of special interest to “Trek” fans is the fact record-breaker 1,085 was actress Terry Farrell, who played hottie Jadzia Dax on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” and no, we can’t believe we knew that either.

The official “Star Trek” convention at Rio spanned several days and featured 100 guests, including William Shatner, and honestly, do we need to list any others? It’s freaking James Tiberius Kirk, already.

We love us some people-way-into-“Star Trek.”

In the name of all that's holy, please say that's a walking stick.
In the name of all that’s holy, please say that’s a walking stick.

The previous record of 1,063 costumed people was attained at the Destination Star Trek London gathering in October 2012. As the Klingons would say, “JIQoS, qoH!” Translated, “Sorry, suckers!”

As George Takei would say, "Oh, my."
In the words of George Takei, “Oh, my.”

Las Vegas has played host to just about every kind of convention you can imagine, including tattoo conventions, MerCon (a mermaid convention), a celebrity impersonator convention and RollerCon (for lovers of roller derby).