Your Mile-High Club Membership is Assured With Love Cloud Las Vegas

We are seriously not making this up. A company in Las Vegas now offers couples the opportunity to join the Mile-High Club without having to sneak a quickie in a cramped airplane lavatory. Not that we’d personally know anything about that, other than that one time. In our dreams.

Love Cloud offers a variety of packages which include a flight in a twin-engine Cessna 421 named the “Golden Eagle,” although, honestly, we could have come up with approximately 17,450 better names.

Love Cloud
You’ll carry on a carry-on, then carry on.

The basic service costs $799 for 40 minutes, so about a third of the time this blog would require.

No worries if you need more time, it’s available for an additional charge. Fly for an hour for $999 or one-and-a-half hours for $1,299. Wedding packages are also available, although why you’d want to ruin an otherwise awesome sexcursion, we have no idea.

Love Cloud
That’s not turbulence, that’s enthusiasm!

Thanks to Love Cloud for the pics.

The Love Cloud service has a sightseeing component, although we’re not sure who’d have the time or energy to actually look out a window. During the day, flights tour Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Meade and The Strip. At night, flights stick to the Las Vegas area with a final low pass of The Strip.

The plane makes sure to hit a cruising altitude of 5,280 feet, exactly one mile. Hey, we weren’t kidding about the Mile-High Club thing.

The interior of the six seat Cessna is customized with a custom foam mattress and a Liberator Heart Wedge, which we didn’t know about until right now, but which appears to be one of the best inventions, ever.

Bonus: Your pilot wears a noise-canceling headset, so have at it.

For the germaphobes, have no fear. After every flight a crew boards to do a thorough cleaning, including replacing sheets, pillow covers and towels, so everything’s ready for the next flight.

We haven’t heard any reviews yet, but this new service is making worldwide news, for obvious reasons. Get all the details here.

We’ll let you know how it goes. Just as soon as our rich uncle kicks the bucket. Until then, the lavatory it is.