M Resort’s Buffet Won’t Be Back, Mexican Restaurant in the Works and More

If you’ve been pining for the return of the buffet at M Resort, let us put your mind at ease: It’s not coming back. There, we ripped off the Band-Aid, now the healing can begin.

We, too, have been reluctant to let hope die, but in conversations with leadership at M Resort, it’s clear the Studio B buffet won’t reopen.

While “Never say never” is the official position about M Resort’s buffet, that’s a diplomatic way of saying, “Don’t hold your breath.”

This is the point where we can move into the “acceptance” phase of the grieving process.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because we’re all a lot less bloated right now.

A good number of Las Vegas buffets went away forever during the pandemic. Casinos originally shut down these dining options (along with their casinos) due to safety concerns.

From the earliest days of Las Vegas, buffets were loss leaders. Today’s casinos, however, aren’t giant fans of things that lose money. Go figure.

For the most part, the only buffets to reopen in Las Vegas are ones that make money for their operators.

Here’s a list of all the open buffets in Las Vegas.

For the most part, Las Vegas buffets are being replaced with food courts (food halls). They’ll do in a pinch, and the economics make more sense for casino owners.

You’ll survive.

In better news, we’re told M Resort, which already has a strong collection of restaurants, will be opening a Mexican restaurant in 2023.

It’s believed the Mexican concept will move into the Vue Bar space, but the decision hasn’t been finalized yet.

There’s a lot going on at M Resort, including the rebranding of its live entertainment venue. The former Ravello Entertainment Lounge is now Amp’d. Here’s a look inside.

M Resort’s owner, Penn Entertainment (former owners of Tropicana), recently confirmed our scoop the resort will be adding a new hotel tower.

The resort recently rebranded one of its bars as the Knight Time Hockey Bar. M Resort is seriously obsessed with sports (they’re the official Las Vegas hotel of the Las Vegas Raiders), but we love it, anyway.

On the seasonal jolly front, M Resort is starting to assemble its upcoming Snow Carnival attraction.

The attraction opens Nov. 23, 2022 and runs through Jan. 8, 2023.

We were surprised to learn that it won’t be all that cold in the venue, about 60-70 degrees. And the snow is real. We touched some and were reminded why we like not living in the northeast.

We, too, were a smidge underwhelmed by the renderings, but in learning more, this attraction looks like it could actually be fun. A big selling point is the all-in ticket price. Similar attractions have one price to get in, then tack on additional fees for the various rides and activities once you’re inside. M Resort’s Snow Carnival will be one price that includes unlimited snow-ballery and other seasonal diversions.

Tickets are $36.99 for adults, $29.99 for children ages 3-11, free for humans two years old or younger.

Here’s more about the Snow Carnival at M Resort.

The Snow Carnival will boast 350 tons of real snow, some of which will fall from above, some suitable for sledding and snow angel-making.

The attraction will be inside M Pavilion, a massive tent-like structure back near M Resort’s convention and meeting spaces.

Anyway, that’s the latest from M Resort, an amalgam of bittersweet loss, quesadilla skinny and bright-eyed holiday glee.

M Resort is about 10 minutes south of the Las Vegas Strip, and is a locals favorite. Yes, even buffetless.