Las Vegas Golden Knights Smash NHL Record

We’ll say right up front, we are not a sports person.

Still, with their recent overtime win against the St. Louis Blues, the Las Vegas Golden Knights have crushed a long-standing NHL record.

The Knights are the first team in the NHL’s 100 year history to win six of their first seven games during an inaugural season.

We know this because it says so right there on the Twitters.

Las Vegas Golden Knights
It’s a dirty trick to make us care about you.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are first major professional sports franchise to be based in Las Vegas.

The team was also the first franchise in 100 years to start 5-1 in its first NHL season.

The NHL celebrates its 100th anniversary on November 26, 2017.

Given recent tragic events, Las Vegas has been in need of a boost, a reminder Las Vegas is an extraordinary place where dreams come true.

For many, the Las Vegas Golden Knights are providing just that.