Las Vegas Even Does Trash With Flair

Las Vegas seems to do everything with a little extra flair (sometimes, a lot).

We’ve got proof. Strolling down Las Vegas Boulevard, we came across this trash bin outside Sugar Factory at Paris Las Vegas. The restaurant is currently expanding its outdoor patio.

Look at the awesome garbage we found!

refuse couches
Oh, Las Vegas, you’re just so you.

Even trash ended up being a photo op for visitors. Only in Vegas, baby!

Meanwhile, behind a fence, construction at Sugar Factory seems to be moving along at a nice clip.

Sugar Factory Paris
In Las Vegas, rubble means future newness.

The unsightly bus stop outside Sugar Factory has gone away, clearing the way for an even better view of the Bellagio fountains across the street.

A few more feet down Las Vegas Boulevard, guys are doing guy stuff.

Sugar Factory construction
Make it pretty, guys! Paris is one of the most popular photo ops on The Strip.

We predict the new, expanded patio at Sugar Factory will soon join the list of great places to people-watch in Las Vegas.