Here’s the Latest From Resorts World

It seems Resorts World has moved on from its tiff with Wynn Resorts, and construction of the Asian-themed casino proceeds, albeit at an agonizingly slow pace.

Resorts World
Just don’t look directly into the…crap, too late.

Resorts World and Wynn Resorts got into a legal spat when the latter claimed Resorts World’s design was too similar to Wynn’s.

The parties came to a settlement, and since then Resorts World has been taking measures to ensure there’s no confusion between the hotels.

One of the noticeable changes is the horizontal bands of Resorts World, once cream-colored, are now being painted black.

Resorts World
Always bet on, well, you know.

For a minute, Resorts World tried turning its bands red, but apparently that didn’t pan out.

Resorts World
Red in mid-February 2019, black two weeks later. This is a fun game.

It seems Resorts World dodged an expensive bullet by not having to remove its bronze-colored windows.

Instead, in addition to the color change in the horizontal bands, the resort is brightening up its extremities with bright red flourishes.

Resorts World
Resorts World may be overcompensating a little.

The long-delayed Resorts World (it was supposed to open in 2016) continues to add floors.

Here’s a photo of Resorts World in Nov. 2018.

Resorts World
Returning all that glass would’ve incurred a huge restocking charge.

Here’s another from March 2018.

Resorts World
You should see the size of our monopod.

Yes, we do need to get a life.

We’re just so excited when anything happens on the north end of The Strip.

There’s lots of new stuff at Resorts World, despite our not knowing what it is.

Resorts World
Sort of praying this is the casino.

Given how visitation in Las Vegas has flattened out recently, we can’t really blame Resorts World for dragging its feet. Bringing thousands of rooms online now would be disastrous, so Resorts World is content with shooting for a 2021 opening.

The idea is by then, with the completion of Raiders Stadium and the expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center, visitation will presumably grow and Resorts World will be rolling in it. Presumably.

Resorts World
Bonus points if you can pick out the reflections of Wynn and Encore.

The plan is for Resorts World to be 60 stories (Fontainebleau, now The Drew, has 63), and it already looms large over The Strip.

We’ll keep you abreast of all the progress at Resorts World, so check back often.

And we would like it duly noted we did not resort to making an “abreast” joke. Because maturity.