Golden Gate Hosts Viewing Party of “Naked Vegas”

A new TV series on the Syfy channel, “Naked Vegas,” centers around body painting and features some of our favorite Las Vegas places and people.

One of the episodes in the series (there are six in all) was taped at the historic Golden Gate, downtown. The Golden Gate is hosting a viewing party on Nov. 12, 2013.

As if we needed an excuse to visit the Golden Gate.
As if we needed an excuse to visit the Golden Gate.

We personally love Derek Stevens and Whitney Godard, so we’re looking forward to both meeting and greeting them.

Back in August, we stopped by during the Naked Vegas taping at the Golden Gate for a peek behind the scenes.

The taping took place in the Golden Gate's high limit room.
The taping took place in the Golden Gate’s high limit room.

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes trivia. The models who get painted in the Golden Gate episode (pictured above) aren’t actually models. Sonja is a go-go dancing dealer, and Brenda is a bartender at One Bar, just outside the Golden Gate. They spent hours being made up, and hung in there like troopers during a long day of shooting.

“Naked Vegas” has the appearance of a reality show, but the scenarios depicted are fictional. Which in no way detracts from the nakedness, of course. For better or worse, “Naked Vegas” is brought to us from the same producers as “Duck Dynasty.”

While the stories and drama on “Naked Vegas” may be manufactured, the artistry is undeniable, and any show based in Las Vegas at least has that going for it.

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