Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 2: For Your Aural Gratification

Due to popular demand, or more accurately, due to a delusional sense of self-
importance, it’s the Vital Vegas Podcast!

The new Vital Vegas Podcast is an extension of this blog, just without the valuable
information, humor and photos.

Vital Vegas Podcast
We couldn’t possibly apologize enough.

In this episode, we tackle the media phenomenon that was the arrest of two nitwits
for being naked on the High Roller Ferris wheel.

High Roller Ferris wheel
The High Roller Ferris wheel. Getting on is fun, but not as much fun as getting off!™

We also blather on endlessly about the looming construction hiatus at the Lucky
Dragon resort.

There’s also our first podcast call and reader-submitted questions, all the latest
Las Vegas news and other features guaranteed to be more enthralling than your local
top 40 radio station. That is, if you use the words “guaranteed” and “enthralling” very loosely.

Gird your loins, because despite our better judgment, the Vital Vegas Podcast is here.

If you’d like to show a blatant disregard for common sense, you can subscribe to the
Vital Vegas Podcast on iTunes.

Or catch the latest episode here.

We’re not entirely up to speed on all this podcasting rigamarole, but we’re damned
well certain people don’t use the word “rigamarole” enough.

We’d love to get more questions to answer on the show, so send them along!

Thanks to everyone who bullied us into doing a podcast, an opportunity to step outside our comfort zone, a new means of self-expression and ultimately a new platform to publicly humiliate ourself. Good times.