FlyOver Flight Simulation Ride Lands on The Strip

FlyOver Las Vegas opens on the Las Vegas Strip on Sep. 1, 2021.

FlyOver, described as an “immersive flight ride” and “multi-sensory journey”, takes riders on a scenic tour of either the “Real Wild West” or Iceland.

Because if something isn’t “immersive” and “multi-sensory,” why even bother?

We were hoping for Las Vegas flyover option, but that’s apparently not in the cards for now, despite the promotional photo provided by FlyOver.

FlyOver Las Vegas
Actual things you’re “flying over” may vary.

Still, the FlyOver flight simulation ride sounds like fun.

Riders sit in a moving platform with “six degrees of motion,” which we’re pretty sure is about the same as the typical nursing home resident, but let’s not get bogged down by details.

Riders will see stunning visuals on a 52-foot spherical screen.

The “multi-sensory” part comes special effects like wind, mist and location-specific scents.

One can only imagine what the “Real Wild West” smells like.

FlyOver was supposed to be in Las Vegas awhile back, but the pandemic left everyone hanging.

At the start of the ride, guests will be treated to a six-minute pre-show from Moment Factory. Moment Factory has done some amazing visuals, including in places you might be surprised by. For example, Moment Factory did the content for a high-definition billboard outside the Forum Shops. It’s a stunner.

FlyOver is even more enticing because there will be a full-service bar, the Lost Cactus, with craft cocktails and bites.

FlyOver is located at Showcase Mall, in a space formerly occupied by movie theaters and a shoe store, next to the Hard Rock Cafe.

Tickets are $34 for adults, $24 for children 12 and younger. Get tickets online at the official Web site.

We’re rooting for FlyOver Las Vegas, but in a town with so many great diversions, they have their job cut out for them.

Showcase Mall is a challenging location, but that’s not always a factor in whether an attraction will succeed or fail. Downtown’s SlotZilla zipline continues to print money, while the Fear the Walking Dead walk-through attraction at the base of the take-off tower tanked.

There’s a lot of competition for those attraction dollars, including a slew of interactive goodness at Area 15, an offbeat experiential mall about five minutes west of the Las Vegas Strip.

The latest addition to Area 15 is Virtualis VR, a “free roam VR experience.” While FlyOver sounds fun, images projected on a screen seems rather quaint when virtual reality attractions are cropping up everywhere. Coming soon, Illuminarium.

There’s something for everyone in Las Vegas, so we’ll see if FlyOver Las Vegas takes off.