Flamingo Las Vegas Headliner George Wallace Busts Out a New Book, “Laff It Off”

One of our favorite Las Vegas comedians, George Wallace, has written a new book, “Laff It Off,” set to hit bookstores Oct. 21, 2013.

Guaranteed to contain 114% more funny than your average book by a comedian. Because we said so.
Yes, people still occasionally read books.

A foreword by Wallace’s longtime BFF, Jerry Seinfeld, gives the book an added amount of heft.

“Laff It Off” is described as “more than a collection of jokes; it is also a lesson on how to live life with laughter.”

George Wallace collaborated with comedy writer Dan Ewen on “Laff It Off.” Ewen did extensive research, going through Wallace’s extensive archives, as well as digging up transcripts and footage from Wallace’s decades-long career.

We have a special place in our heart for George Wallace because we wrote a joke he uses in his show. Oh, and he's also funny as hell.
The unstoppable force that is comedian George Wallace.

Interesting fact about George Wallace: He was originally booked for 30 days at Flamingo Las Vegas. He’s now in his tenth year at the popular resort.

A comedy concert on DVD, also called “Laff It Off,” will coincide with the release of the book. If you can’t wait for his book or DVD, George Wallace does some of the most entertaining Tweets in Las Vegas, so follow him there.