“DiscoShow” Makes Quick Work of Imperial Palace Sportsbook Demolition

The former Imperial Palace (IP) sportsbook has been in a state of suspended animation since 2014.

When Imperial Palace closed, the mid-Strip casino was rebranded The Quad for a minute, now it’s The Linq. Long story.

The IP sportsbook sat idle for years, but like so many things in Las Vegas, is has now been demolished to make way for something new and shiny.

We snagged exclusive photos of the current state of the future “DiscoShow” theater, dubbed the Glitterloft, at Linq.

For the first time in recorded history, theater has triumphed over sports. Faith in humanity restored.

It’s helpful to have something to compare the current space to, so let’s step into our Internet time machine and see what the sportsbook looked like back in the day.

We’d love to say we have fond memories of this sportsbook, but we don’t even remember taking this photo.

The gutting of the IP’s sportsbook began in March 2023, and apparently the dusty features of the room weren’t bolted down too tightly, as the room is now completely bare.

Here’s another exclusive look inside the Glitterloft at Linq.

Few things are as exciting in Las Vegas as a blank slate. And lap dances. But mostly blank slates.

“DiscoShow” is set for a summer 2024 debut, which is a ridiculously long time to wait, honestly.

“DiscoShow” comes from Spiegelworld, the company that produces “Absinthe” at Caesars Palace, “OPM” at Cosmopolitan and “Atomic Saloon” at Venetian.

Here’s a look at the demolition.

We just saw “OPM” again, and it’s pretty much unrecognizable. We should probably write about our experience, but we’ve written enough about Spiegelworld this month already. See also our story about the new No Pants burger at “Absinthe.”

Anyhoo, here’s the official description of the upcoming show at Linq: “The live show will be unlike any other entertainment in Las Vegas. The audience will be invited to step inside the action with the characters who were there at the birth of disco; into their lives; on the streets; at the club; encouraged at every moment to lose themselves in the music and on the dance floor.”

If you’re looking for a disco vibe, “OPM” at Cosmo boasts these impressive balls.

If it’s a Spiegelworld show, it’s pretty much guaranteed to have a limbo dancer or sword-swallower or scantily-clad contortionist doing something amazing, accompanied by disco music. Pretty much our dream show, honestly.

“DiscoShow” is a bit far off to start talking about it, but we’ll take any exclusive we can get! It’s going to take some time to air out that musty space at Linq.

Spiegelworld’s shows are some of the most successful in Las Vegas at the moment, and there’s no reason to think “DiscoShow” will be any different.