Days Are Numbered for Harmon Tower’s Erectile Dysfunction

The shimmering Harmon Tower was supposed to have been the crown jewel of CityCenter, in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

Instead, due to construction flaws that might cause it to collapse in an earthquake, it ended up becoming the world’s most expensive billboard. And while Las Vegas isn’t exactly known for the frequency of its earthquakes, better to be safe than crushed under rubble.

Now, a judge has granted permission for the owners of CityCenter to demolish the 26-story building. (It was originally supposed to be 49 stories.)

Most complicated Las Vegas demolition, ever?
Most complicated Las Vegas demolition, ever?

The builder of Harmon Tower, Tutor Perini Building Corp. (slogan: “D’OH!”) has been mum on the judge’s decision so far.

The legal wrangling over this very visible debacle  will continue, but we’re one step closer to seeing this distinctive landmark on The Strip turned into scrap metal. Officials of CityCenter say the demolition of Harmon Tower could happen within a year.