Binion’s New Outdoor Bar, Cowgirl Up Cantina, Will Arrive Momentarily

Some things in Las Vegas take forever, while others seem to appear out of thin air. The new Cowgirl Up Cantina at Binion’s is the latter, wasting no time bringing another outdoor bar offering to Fremont Street.

Cowgirl Up Cantina
We love downtown because when construction walls are short, we barely have to breach security to get a look inside.

The Cowgirl Up Cantina is being built at what is arguably the hub of the Fremont Street Experience, just outside the casino’s storied party pit. We know it’s storied, because we’re the ones always repeating the stories. Binion’s, for example, was the first casino in Las Vegas to have carpeting, and was the first to provide comps to players. This blog is a big fan of comps.

Here’s a photo behind Cowgirl Up’s construction wall on March 2, 2014.

Cowgirl Up Cantina.
They could’ve left it like this and called it the Sand Castle Cantina. Ah, what might have been.

Within just a few days, the concrete had been poured. The photo below is from March 5.

Yes, we spend a lot of time downtown. We’d call it our “home away from home,” but we spend far more time downtown than at our home away from home, or even our home.

Cowgirl Up Cantina
Few things blow our chaps up like Vegas newness.

We popped our head in again today, March 10 (see below), and Binion’s is proving Las Vegas knows what it’s doing when it comes to delivering libations in a timely fashion.

Cowgirl Up Cantina
We’d like to put in an order for a slushy drink right now, thanks.

We’re going on out on a limb and predicting the Cowgirl Up Cantina will be a huge success, as is its counterpart, the outdoor Whiskey Licker bar.

The erection (because, erection) of the Cowgirl Up Cantina comes on the heels of the newly-reopened Binion’s Cafe, home to easily the best burger in downtown, and possibly all of Las Vegas. Hey, we can’t try every burger in Vegas or we won’t fit under Fremont Street’s canopy without greasing up our hips. Which, we should mention, we’re not entirely against.

Binion's Cafe
Fancier, but not too fancy. Downtown doesn’t fancy fancy.

We’ll keep an eye on the progress at Binion’s, and be sure to report when Cowgirl Up has opened. We may also force ourself to try a few cocktails. To, you know, support the legacy of Binion’s. Because we’re selfless like that.

In the meantime, burger!

Binion's Cafe
Just like your mom used to make, if your mom had known what the hell she was doing.

Oh, and since you mentioned the Binion’s Cafe, here’s a brief but evocative photo safari through this burger mecca in downtown Las Vegas.

New Binion's Cafe