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GVC to Fund Harvard Medical School Problem Gambling Research


GVC is to plow $5 million into a five-year Harvard Medical School research project to investigate the causes and effects of problem gambling. The UK-based online gaming giant will also provide the school’s Division on Addiction with vast amounts of anonymized player data, collated across the full range of its brands, which include sports betting,…Read More

Black Market Betting Bad for Your Health, Report Warns

Black market betting

Betting on the black market is more injurious to health and wellbeing than betting on regulated markets, a new study by the Asian Racing Federation claims. The research paper looked at six gambling jurisdictions — Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa — and found there was evidence to suggest that…Read More

Casino Stocks Performing Far Worse Than Indexes, But Analysts Remain Bullish on Gaming Industry

casino stocks gaming industry 2019

Casino stocks have suffered losses much greater than that of many Wall Street general indexes over the past 12 months, but financial analysts remain bullish on numerous gaming companies. The Vaneck Vectors Gaming ETF (exchange-traded fund) is down 26 percent since this time last year. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down just seven percent…Read More

JPMorgan Forecasts Macau Gross Gaming Revenue Slowdown in 2019

JPMorgan Macau gaming revenue 2019

Gaming analysts at JPMorgan say the days of double-digit gross gambling revenue growth (GGR) for the enclave’s six licensed casino operators are over, at least temporarily. And when it comes to full-year forecasts, the experts have proven to be quite accurate. In their 2019 Macau gaming outlook, JPMorgan analysts DS Kim and Sean Zhuang predict…Read More

Seton Hall University Study on TV Sports Viewership Shows Massive Infusion Likely from Legal Sports Betting

sports betting

As if the US wasn’t sports-crazy enough, TV ratings for sporting events could soar even higher thanks to the emergence of legalized betting, according to the results of a new poll by Seton Hall University. The new survey by Seton Hall Sports Poll suggests that 70 percent of Americans would be more inclined to watch…Read More

Analyst: Las Vegas Not Only Entertainment Capital of World, But Also Sports Capital

Las Vegas sports Golden Knights Raiders

Prominent Las Vegas analyst Jeremy Aguero says the town might need to rethink its tagline as being the “Entertainment Capital of the World” to include sports as well. Aguero, a principal analyst at Applied Analysis, one of Nevada’s leading fiscal and policy research firms, says the NHL Vegas Golden Knights and 2020 arrival of the…Read More

Fitch Ratings Issues Positive Long-Term Outlook for Macau, Predicts Gaming Growth in 2019

Fitch Ratings Macau casino revenue

Fitch Ratings is bullish on the Macau gaming industry long-term, and has a slightly different opinion than some other analysts on the year ahead for the Chinese enclave. In the credit rating agency’s report titled “Fitch Ratings 2019 Outlook: Global Gaming,” analysts reveal a “long-term positive outlook” on the enclave. They predict that gross gambling…Read More

Underage Bettors Proliferate in British Pubs, UK Gambling Commission Research Finds

In the United Kingdom, there’s an almost 90 percent chance that you can walk into a pub and find an underage gambler. That’s according to a UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) report that shows oversight at English pubs that offer gaming is severely lacking. The Gambling Commission reached its conclusion after examining Class C gaming machines…Read More

Commercial Casino Revenue Up Four Percent Nationwide in September, Sports Betting Provides Boost

casino revenue sports betting US

Commercial casino revenue climbed four percent in September nationwide, and the analyst who compiled the report gives credit to the introduction of sports betting in four new states. Reno-based gaming analyst Ken Adams says in his September report, which he amasses for CDC Gaming Reports, that gaming revenue in the monitored 21 states was more…Read More

Tribal Casinos Account For Nearly Half of US Gaming Market, AGA Report Says

A new report released by the American Gaming Association (AGA) shows just how significant tribal casinos are to America’s economic landscape. In the 28 states where tribes operate gaming facilities, 676,428 workers were employed and paid total wages that exceeded $36.2 billion in 2016, the year of the most recent available data. Additionally, the 500…Read More

Irish Government Shoots Itself in Foot Over Betting Tax

Irish betting tax

The decision to double the Irish betting tax was taken “without a detailed analysis of the economic consequences,” according to a professor of Economics, and could result in a loss for government coffers. In a report commissioned by The Irish Bookmakers Association (IBA), Dublin City University Emeritus Associate Professor Anthony Foley suggests that consequential shop closures, job…Read More

Flashing Lights, Loud Noises in Casinos Might Encourage Problem Gambling, British Columbia University Research Suggests

gambling study

New research out of the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada suggests that all the blinking lights and dinging bell-like noises in casinos may be as problematic as they are stimulating. A study from UBC researchers indicates that these time-honored basics of casinos everywhere could play a key role in promoting risky gambling behavior….Read More

Philippine Casinos Would Benefit From Better Airport Infrastructure

Philippines casinos Manila airport

Casinos in the Philippines would benefit with more resilient VIP high roller play if the country invested in improving its airport facilities, a research note opines this week. Japanese financial services firm Nomura Holdings says in a note this week that the aging airports in the Philippines are preventing more wealthy visitors from patronizing the…Read More

Canadian Study Finds Social Casino Games Are Popular Among High School Students

Social casino study teens

A new study from a group of Canadian researchers has found that free social casino games are very popular with high school students, with about one in eight having played the games in the recent past. The study, conducted by researchers from Canada’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and published in BMC Public…Read More

US Legal Sportsbetting Gaining More Support, University Survey Research Shows

gaming survey

A recent study from East Carolina University’s Center for Survey Research shows that legalized sports betting has plenty of fans among the American populace. The poll — which was part of the university’s recent “Life, Liberty, and Happiness” survey — reveals that 47 percent of the 1,152 US residents surveyed believe in legal sports betting,…Read More

Slot Manufacturers Say Millennials Will Come Around With Age, Baby Boomers Still Alive and Well

millennials gambling casinos slot machines

Millennials have far less interest in traditional games of chance found on casino floors compared to their demographic predecessors, but slot manufacturers did their best to spinning that reality this week at the 2018 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas (G2E). Executives from major slot manufacturers said patience is key when it comes to the…Read More

Gambling Monkeys Shed New Light on Part of Primate Brain Responsible for Risky Behavior

Risk-taking rhesus monkeys have helped researchers pinpoint the part of the brain which propels primates to take big gambles. Scientists have discovered that by deactivating a specific region of the brain located in the prefrontal cortex, the monkey subjects suddenly preferred the sure thing over the long shot. “They did not like to gamble anymore,”…Read More

Second Las Vegas Airport Explored as Visitation Continues to Rise, McCarran Nearing Threshold

A second airport in Las Vegas — in the Ivanpah Valley about 30 minutes off of the heart of the Strip — is getting serious consideration once more. Bowling for Dollars Las Vegas will most likely host a Super Bowl within the next decade. And the addition of a proposed second airport in the Las…Read More

Australian Researchers Find Link Between Video Game Loot Boxes and Problem Gambling

loot boxes video games gambling

Loot boxes, which are virtual containers offered in video games that award players various elements including skills, weapons, and cheat codes, can lead to higher instances of problem gambling, a study commissioned by Australia’s federal government concludes. A survey of 7,000 video gamers was compiled for the Australian Environment and Communications Reference Committee (ECRC), and…Read More

Tokyo Casino on the Horizon? City Prepares Impact Study

Japanese casino market to be worth $15 billion

Tokyo city officials are to commission an impact study into hosting an integrated resort, the first concrete interest the Japanese capital has shown in participating in the country’s impending casino market. With the Japanese public largely opposed to casinos, according to opinion polls, and Tokyo almost entirely focused on preparing for the Olympic Games in…Read More

Online Gaming Increasingly Cited in Divorce Cases, Says Internet Legal Firm


Divorce is back in fashion — in the UK, at least. While rates have been falling year-on-year in the US since the 1980s, last year the UK saw its first rise this decade in couples ending their marriages, a 5.8 percent increase on the previous year. Figures for 2017 are not yet available but online…Read More

Global Gaming Markets Look to Virtual Reality as Key Component of Projected $172 Billion Expansion by 2025

VR casinos global gaming markets

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming a serious reality for the global gaming market, as a recent study points to the worldwide gaming industry expanding to $171.96 billion by 2025, with VR playing a major role in that explosive growth. The study — released earlier this year by Fortune 500 research firm Grand View Research —…Read More

International Nonstop Service to Las Vegas Bringing in Big Spenders Via McCarran, Says LVCVA

McCarran Las Vegas airport

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas continues to add new nonstop international flights, and the additional routes are successfully bringing more well-heeled visitors happy to drop some change while they’re in town. That’s according to aviation consultants hired by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) who reported the findings this week. The consultants…Read More

$717 Billion US Defense Bill Orders Screening of Military Personnel for Problem Gambling

National Defense Authorization Act

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump signed into the law the $717 billion National Defense Authorization Act, describing it as “the most significant investment in our military and warfighters in modern history.” While the bill authorizes the Pentagon to splurge on the “finest planes, and ships and tanks and missiles,” according to Trump, it also…Read More

Australia Proposes Prison Terms for Athletes Passing Insider Information to Bookmakers


Tough new sports integrity rules proposed by Australia’s federal sports minister Bridget McKenzie would see athletes who collude with bookmakers fined or imprisoned following a trial in a new “national sports court.” The proposals follow the recommendations of a government-backed report into the risks facing Australian sports, published this week. The report advocates making match-fixing…Read More