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Japanese casino market to be worth $15 billion

Morgan Stanley: Japanese Casino Market to Hit $15 Billion Valuation

The Japanese casino market will be worth $15 billion per year by 2025, according to revised figures from Morgan Stanley. The new estimate is... Staff Writer April 12, 2018
Philippine casino sector

US State Department Accuses Philippine Casino Sector of Ongoing AML Deficiencies

The Philippines has tightened anti-money laundering (AML) controls at its casinos, but the gaming sector is still guilty of “ongoing deficiencies,” according to the...

Philip Conneller April 11, 2018
“Game of Skill” Parlors under the legal microscope.

Denver Skill Games Arcade Police Raid Lands Colorado Industry President in Slammer

Are skill games harmless, or are they gambling, simply camouflaged? That’s the question being posed in the wake of police raids which landed a Denver,... Staff Writer April 8, 2018