Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 19: Plaza Pool, Bugsy Siegel Gets Whacked and Some Vegas Edge

We’re back with the final episode of our first season of the Vital Vegas Podcast, now translated into two languages, assuming you consider “unlistenable” a language.

In this installment, we dive into the Plaza’s new pool deck, complete with outdoor gambling, a food truck and pickleball. Don’t laugh, it could be the new eSports!

Plaza Las Vegas pool
The Plaza’s upping its pool game with daybeds, cabanas, a hot tub, food truck, bar, stage and table games. Oh, and 16 pickleball courts just to keep things interesting.

We have a special guest in this shoddily slapped-together episode, too. It’s Marc Meltzer, founder of and expert in the areas of sports books, Las Vegas casinos and taking playful jabs at a certain award-winning blogs. Rude.

Meltzer gives his insights into the Life is Beautiful music festival, the NHL expansion team coming to Las Vegas and more.

Also in this episode, we delve into the murder of “Bugsy” Siegel, perhaps the best-known of Sin City’s mobsters. His murder has never been solved, but there are some fascinating theories, including a scenario put forth by the wife of Bugsy’s associate, Moe Sedway.

Bee Sedway claims her lover, “Moose” Pandza, was the one who whacked Bugsy. Why? Because Siegel threatened Moe Sedway’s life. Juicy stuff. Read more.

There’s also a slew of news about recent changes at SLS Las Vegas. It appears things are looking up at this underrated Las Vegas hotel-casino.

All this and much, much less on the newest episode of the Vital Vegas Podcast. Like you have anything better to do!