Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 56: So Much Vegas, You’ll Need an Extra Suitcase for All the Dopamine

It’s time for another unfulfilling episode of the podcast of the eighth most popular blog in Las Vegas!

This week, we’ve wrangled all the Las Vegas news you need to get the most from your next visit.

Learn more about the demolition at 18 Fremont, the expansion of Golden Gate, the unraveling merger of SBE Entertainment and Hakkasan and more.

18 Fremont demolition
There’s a party happening at the site of the former Glitter Gulch and Las Vegas Club, and we’re the doorman. Or something.

We’ve also got stories pilfered from real journalists! They include tidbits about two new Las Vegas shows, “Revive” and “Opium,” as well as details about SLS snagging 13 Aliante executives, Otheroom opening at the Forum Shops, Ping Pang Pong revealing its expansion at Gold Coast, Downtown Grand’s new hotel tower and a slew of other gems.

Naturally, we’ve got a metric ass-ton of unsubstantiated rumors, as well as the random interruptions of a hooch-fueled prospector.

Take a listen and see why the Vital Vegas Podcast has been called “inspired,” “illuminating,” “transformative” and several others terms we just plucked out of a thesaurus. Yes, those still exist.