A Trifecta of Panty-Droppers at New York-New York’s Nine Fine Irishmen

Aye, Nine Fine Irishmen at New York-New York will serve you up some hearty grub, as well as the occasional Celtic band, but the fare and fiddles can’t begin to compare to the libations!

Here are three signature cocktails we’d recommend ye partake. Of.

The Drunken Peach cocktail is a lovely dance between Absolut Apeach peach-flavored vodka, Peachcello, an Italian fruit liqueur, Raspicello, a raspberry liqueur, Grand Marnier, an orange-flavored cognac liqueur, and lemonade.

Drunken Peach cocktail
Surrender ye panties herewith, thanks.

Next up is the Celtic Breeze. It’s another delectable concoction featuring Absolut Mandrin vodka, Peachcello, Raspicello, Cointreau, a brand of triple sec (an orange-flavored liqueur), orange juice and cranberry.

Celtic Breeze Cocktail
Nothing personal, Nine Fine Irishmen bartenders, but straws just slow us down.

And finishing off this winning trifecta is the Gaelic Punch cocktail, with Cruzan Banana rum, Malibu rum, Midori, a melon liqueur, Raspicello, orange juice, pineapple and Sierra Mist.

Gaelic Punch cocktail
“Gaelic Punch” only sounds like a euphemism.

All these cocktails are ten bucks, but each is sure to put you in the mood to gaze into your companion’s eyes, take them for a stroll along New York-New York’s new pedestrian plaza, and show them what a melon liqueur can really do.