A Killer Tip to Squeeze the Most From Your Slot Play

We’re always looking for ways to get a little edge in the casino, and here’s a free tip that takes zero effort but which can reap untold rewards.

When you’re playing a slot machine with your loyalty club card, try leaving it in the machine when you’re done.

Why would you do that? There’s a chance the person who plays on the machine next won’t notice your card in the slot. If they don’t have one of their own, their play will be credited to your card, which can result in lots of points being racked up despite the fact you’re long gone!

Loyalty points are awesome because they translate into free food, show tickets, comped rooms and more.

Loyalty club cards
Mo’ points, mo’ stuff.

Even if this strategy doesn’t pan out, it costs nothing to try, and when you return to the casino, you can just get a fresh card at the loyalty club desk.

In fact, get two. Let a friend who’s not a member of the loyalty club use your card when they play (again, more points!), and you can both leave cards in your machines when you leave.

It’s a bit of a gamble, but there’s no down side! Have fun, and as always, stick it to The Man.

While we’re on the subject of these cards, take a look at our 11 Alternate Uses for Your Casino Players Club Card. Sample below.

Casino players card
Boom, as the kids say.

Update: Here’s a possible caveat from Vital Vegas commenter, Dean, who says, “The danger with this is someone else may take your card and attempt to use it for comps. I know that employees are supposed to ask for ID along with players card to utilize points, but it doesn’t always happen. I had a friend who had over $300 in comps used at a steakhouse once and it was a pain to get these restored. If you have any significant balance in your players clubs account, I would advise against this strategy as the potential risk is far greater than the potential reward.” We haven’t heard of this happening before, but good to know.