Today’s Thing Only We Care About: Sands Expo Gets a Snazzy New Sign

Back in October, we noticed the Sands Expo and Convention Center was removing its sign.

Sands Expo
As if you needed more proof we have far too much free time.

This is the massive convention center attached at the hip to the Palazzo and Venetian, by the way. At 2.25 million square feet (yes, we counted), the Sands Expo and Convention Center is the second largest convention center in the world. Would you expect anything less from Las Vegas?

In early December, we saw a new sign going up, with a slimmed down name. The new sign says, simply, “Sands Expo.”

Sands Expo Las Vegas
Sup, newness?

Come to find out, this was no ordinary sign replacement. The Sands Expo and Convention Center not only has a new name, the sign has some new bling.

Sands Expo
For those with OCD, We’re sure the Sands Expo folks are all over fixing the “D” issue. Just chill.

The Sands Expo sign is so fresh, the official site still uses a photo of the old one. We like visiting the official Sands Expo site,, mainly because it’s one of the few official sites in Las Vegas that has “sex” in it. So, if that domain name is blocked at work, at least you’ll know why!