Today’s Panty-Dropper Cocktail: Sunshine at Tropicana

Our quest continues for tasty Las Vegas cocktails which also provide some social lubrication, if you get our drift. It’s Sin City, after all. Live a little.

This time, we drop by Chill’m Bar at Tropicana for a little Sunshine.

You so pretty.
You so pretty.

The Sunshine signature cocktail ($12.50) is a mix of Skyy Citrus vodka, Pinot grigio (white wine), strawberry, blueberry, mint and lemon. It has a definite sangria vibe, both refreshing and fruity.

The Chill’m Bar is just off the Tropicana’s casino floor, so you’re right in the middle of the action. This bar comes from the folks behind Numb, the tempting casino bars at Caesars Palace and Harrah’s Las Vegas.

Intimate, with more than enough "oontz."
Intimate, with ample amounts of “oontz.” We like it, anyway.

If signature cocktails like the Sunshine aren’t up your alley, no worries. Chill’m has a wide variety of delicious frozen slushy drinks with names like Always Up, Violet Haze and Mango Buzz.

Drink up, and let us know if this specialty cocktail delivers the goods.