Today’s Las Vegas Marketing B.S., Courtesy of The Plaza

We get that Las Vegas hotels have to sell rooms. We appreciate the dilemma. It can be hard, even when your hotel’s in Las Vegas.

When you’re selling rooms, you have to come up with things that make your offerings different. If your rooms or casino have been renovated fairly recently, as they were at downtown’s Plaza Las Vegas, you get to play that up. Great selling point.

But here’s the real thing. If your hotel has been renovated, say so. Just don’t say it’s “all new.” Unless they changed the definition of “all” somewhere along the way.

At last, our face and palm have been reunited.
At long last, our face and palm have been reunited.

See, we might be old-fashioned, but when you say something is “all new,” but it’s not “all new,” it’s something people used to refer to as “a big fat lie.” The Plaza opened in 1971. It’s not even remotely “all new.”

Even if you ignore the fact the hotel itself isn’t new, the renovations aren’t new at this point either. After being closed for renovations, the hotel re-opened in September of 2011. Two years later and we’re still getting “The All New Plaza”?

Lying is still considered a bad thing, right? Even in marketing?