Three Panty-Dropper Cocktails at Commonwealth Las Vegas, Downtown

Downtown’s Commonwealth is a great spot to hang with friends and enjoy some libations. Some of the bar’s signature cocktails qualify as panty-droppers. Here are our top three picks.

First up, the Hot Little Mess.

The Hot Little Mess ($10) features Bacardi Dragon Berry rum, fresh lime, simple syrup and strawberry puree.

Limes contain flavonol glycosides, including kaempferol-related molecules. So, it’s a healthy kind of blitzed.

Our second panty-dropper is the Ello Guv’nor ($10), which, we should note, is impossible to say without a British accent.

The Ello Guv’nor has Stoli Elit vodka, fresh lime, simple syrup and cucumber soda.

Ello Guv'nor
Stoli is short for “Stolichnaya,” the adjectival form of “stolitsa,” which means “capital city.” Which you’ll promptly forget once you drink this.

And our last social lubricant at Commonwealth is the Men in Tights ($9).

This signature cocktail consists of Jameson Irish Wiskey, fresh lemon, honey and Cocchi Vermouth di Torino.

The Men in Tights cocktail has no relationship to the film that officially crushed any hope of ever seeing another good movie from Mel Brooks.

All delicious, all served with a friendly smile, and all a wonderful way to begin a downtown escapade.

Commonwealth is in the Fremont East District, about a block (wait for it) east of the towering SlotZilla zip line tower at Fremont Street Experience.

Commonwealth is one of the more boisterous night spots in the Fremont East District, but after a few cocktails, you won’t mind.

Find out more at Commonwealth’s Web site.