Things Just Got Weird: Behold, The Lobsicle at Lobster ME

They say anything’s better on a stick. Well, at Lobster ME in The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, you can put that theory to the test.

Behold, the Lobsicle. That’s right, it’s a battered and deep-fried lobster tail on a stick.

Possibly not actual size.

This $14 curiosity is a big seller at Lobster ME, and was featured on a TV show we’ve never heard of, “All You Can Eat,” on a network we’ve also never heard of, H2.

Take a look.

So, for a little lobster on-the-go, now you know where to go.

Lobsicle at Lobster ME
Lobster ME is clearly putting the bulk of its advertising dollars behind the Lobsicle.

Lobster ME (pronounced “me,” but a play on the abbreviation for Maine) is known for its lobster rolls.

Lobster ME
That’s the way the lobster rolls in Vegas.

Also on the menu at Lobster ME? Lobster ice cream. Which raises the question: What is the matter with people?

Lobster ice cream
Not for us, but people rave.

Lobster ME is open 365 days a year, and thankfully makes up for the weirdness of its lobster ice cream with the gloriousness of its lobster mac and cheese.

Here’s the official Lobster ME site.