Sugar Factory at Paris Las Vegas Unveils Sweet New Patio

The expansion of Sugar Factory’s new patio, at Paris Las Vegas, is complete.

Sugar Factory
In 1876, Pavel Yablochkov invented the first practical carbon arc lamp for public street lighting in Paris. And not just because we couldn’t think of another caption for this photo, we swear.

Though the new patio extends only about 10 feet closer to Las Vegas Boulevard, it provides a lot more seating outside, so we’re adding this to our list of “Best Places for People-Watching on The Strip.”

Sugar Factory
Yes, we walked into traffic to take this photo for you.

The Sugar Factory isn’t an actual factory, of course. It’s half restaurant and bar, half retail store.

If you stop by the store to satisfy your sweet tooth, check out the fancy-schmancy couture pops for which Sugar Factory is known. If you think $25 is a little steep for a BeDazzled lollipop, you may be doing indulgence wrong.

Couture Pop
At least this photo caption we spent some time on.