SlotZilla Has Already Rocked Our World With Its Massive, Slot Machine-Inspired Slushy Drink Vessel

We hear from an inside source (us, to be exact) that the opening date for SlotZilla, the new zip line attraction at downtown’s Fremont Street Experience, is quickly approaching.

Although no specific date has officially been announced, we’re willing to push through the suspense because we’ve been given an exclusive preview of the slushy drink awesomeness which will accompany the ride’s unveiling.

SlotZilla slushy drink
If your Las Vegas slushy drink doesn’t require a neck strap, you’re doing it wrong.

This prototype slushy drink cup experience is pretty much everything one could want from a slushy drink conveyance device, other than the fact it’s not yet filled with slushy goodness.

Once it is, however, we’re anxious to get a taste because you deserve a first person account of everything liquor-related in Las Vegas. The sacrifices we make for you.

From what we hear, the lower portion of the keepsake cup will contain the frosty drink while the upper portion can hold any number of other things, including T-shirts, Mardi Gras beads, personal items and Shetland ponies (not recommended).

Riders will depart SlotZilla from two levels. Upper level riders will fly Superman-style.

Once you return home, the SlotZilla cup can double as a piggy bank. The lid has a slit for coins.

No price point is available for this epic SlotZilla cup yet, but you can bet it’ll be less than similar collectible cups on The Strip. That’s just how downtown rolls.

The view from SlotZill’s upper launch level. Sweaty palm factor, maximum.

Learn more about the SlotZilla zip line attraction, coming soon to an “Aieee!” near you.