Roy Horn, of Iconic Magic Duo Siegfried & Roy, Dies at 75

Magician Roy Horn, of the famed Siegfried & Roy, died May 8, 2020 in Las Vegas.

The performer recently contracted COVID-19 and was reportedly recovering.

On April 28, 2020, Horn’s publicist told ABC News he was “responding well to treatment” and “on the road to recovery.”

Roy Horn’s representatives have attributed his death to “complications of COVID-19.” Roy Horn was 75.

Here’s the official statement about the passing of Roy Horn.

The official sadness.

German performers Siegfried & Roy performed for 13 years at the Mirage, until Roy Horn was attacked by a 400-pound white tiger named Montecore on October 3, 2003, Horn’s 59th birthday. Read more.

The attack resulted in near-fatal injuries for Roy Horn, and even after his recovery, he had difficulty walking and talking.

Siegfried & Roy
Siegfried & Roy were in their element during Oktoberfest at Hofbrauhaus.

Siegfried & Roy also performed at MGM Grand, Stardust and Frontier.

Siegfried & Roy hold a place in Las Vegas history for being among the highest-paid entertainers in their day. Their contract at Mirage was reportedly worth $57.5 million-a-year.

Siegfried & Roy also hold a place in the hearts of those who love Las Vegas and its colorful history.

Roy Horn dies
It really doesn’t get more Vegas than Roy Horn.

The rumor of the death of Roy Horn was first shared by @LasVegasLocally on Twitter.

Despite his career-ending injuries, Roy Horn continued to make public appearances and he’ll be missed by legions of magic fans. The legacy of Siegfried & Roy, of course, will live on.