Vital Vegas Podcast, Episode 25: Real Bodies at Bally’s is Creepy, Enlightening Good Fun

Real Bodies, a new attraction at Bally’s, is so weird, we’re devoting an entire episode to it.

Real Bodies at Bally's
Real Bodies at Bally’s is, among other things, a great reminder to stay hydrated when you’re in Las Vegas.

In this installment of the Vital Vegas Podcast, we take a stroll through Real Bodies with Tom Zaller, President and CEO of Imagine Exhibitions.

While Zaller provides fascinating insights into his Real Bodies exhibit, we suspect he’d be interesting just reading the phone book.

Assuming phone books still exist.

Real Bodies at Bally's
It’s people! People are made of people! Hey, it made sense when we started typing it.

The Real Bodies attraction has about 20 preserved human bodies and about 200 body parts.

Real Bodies is a carefully curated journey through not only physiology, but also psychology and philosophy. It’s creepy, jarring, amusing and downright astonishing.

Real Bodies at Bally's
You’ll experience a range of emotions at Real Bodies. Just like the ones you’re feeling now.

If you’re looking for unusual things to do in Las Vegas, add Real Bodies to the list. When you’re done with your visit, you’ll know more about science, medicine, your own body and even the meaning of life.

Real Bodies at Bally's
We wanted to stay longer, but we had to split.

Tickets run $27.70 for general admission, $17.75 for children 3-12, and kids younger than three are free. Your kids will love this attraction, by the way. Because let’s be honest, kids are freaks.

Enjoy more photos from our time at Real Bodies at Bally’s, and check out the official site for more information.

Real Bodies at Bally's


Now, take a listen to our interview with Tom Zaller.

Better yet, listen to the podcast while you’re looking at the photos. You’re multi-talented like that.