Plaza’s Sand Dollar Lounge Gets Grand Opening Date

Downtown’s Plaza casino has announced a grand opening date for its new live music and craft cocktail venue, Sand Dollar Lounge Downtown.

We totally should’ve put the date in that opening paragraph, but it’s too late for that now.

Again, missed opportunity. You’d think after doing this blog for nearly a decade we’d get the hang of this.

The official opening date of Sand Dollar Lounge Downtown is coming right up after this image.

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Wow, even we’re annoyed at this game.

Sand Dollar Lounge Downtown officially opens May 26, 2022. Caveat: That’s the grand opening date, kicking off a celebration expected to last through Memorial Day weekend. But that’s not when it opens.

See? Totally worth the wait. You heard it here first. Actually, you heard it in the next sentence first.

Sand Dollar Downtown lounge actually opens May 5, 2022. Or, as the kids and lovers of condiments call it, “Cinco de Mayo.” Sand Dollar at Plaza opens at 2:00 p.m. that day, with bands from 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. The first acts to play this new venue are Rhyolite Sound and Shanda and The Howlers.

Plaza partnered with a popular local blues bar, Sand Dollar Lounge, and co-owners Nathan Grates and Anthony Jamison, for this new endeavor.

The new lounge will accommodate about 300 people and sits right off the Plaza’s casino floor.

Here’s the new Sand Dollar entrance, a work-in-progress.

Yes, there will be video poker at the bar. We know how you are. Or we are. Either way, video poker.

The venue will also offer pizza from the nearby Pop-Up Pizza, one of our favorite pizza joints downtown.

The Sand Dollar lounge at Plaza will feature vintage decor like chandeliers and dark stained wainscotting, whatever a “wainscott” might be.

They had us at this.

While there’s a lot of live music on Fremont Street, Sand Dollar Lounge Downtown is expected to have a whole different vibe.

Jonathan Jossel, CEO of the Plaza, says, “We are very excited to welcome The Sand Dollar Lounge Downtown, which will create a late-night destination for live music and craft cocktails unlike any other in downtown Las Vegas.”

You know we’ll be there when Sand Dollar Lounge Downtown opens, and probably before, to give you the lowdown on this new spot on the west end of Fremont Street.

You know we’ll be on the look-out for the cocktail menu, too. You don’t need to be a psychic to predict that one.