“Friends” Musical Parody Moves to The Orleans

“Friends, The Unauthorized Musical Parody” announced a new residency at The Orleans, a few minutes west of the Las Vegas Strip.

The “Friends” show will play in The Venue, a performance space that’s become home to a collection of shows that were previously at other theaters in town.

Most recently, “Friends” was at Paris, before the Anthony Cools theater was shuttered by Caesars Entertainment. Prior to that, it was at The D. That theater space closed as well. The “Friends” parody has been through a lot.

Could this photo caption BE any more predictable?

The Venue also hosts comedy-magician Adam London and the “Marriage Can Be Murder” dinner show. See more.

The “Friends” take-off will play at The Venue starting April 28, 2022, Thursdays through Sundays at 7:30 p.m.

“Friends, The Unauthorized Musical Parody” lampoons all 10 seasons of the beloved sitcom that ran from 1994 to 2004.

Per the news release, “Boasting hysterically funny musical numbers with titles like ‘Central Perk Tango,’ ‘Will We Or Won’t We,’ ‘How Ya Doin’?’ and ‘Pivot,’ the musical parody pokes fun at the TV show’s seemingly endless romantic tension, its characters’ idiosyncratic catch phrases, and even takes a shot at the unusually spacious New York City apartment that the struggling twenty-somethings uncannily appear to afford.”

We saw the show at The D, and it definitely brought back some warm feelings about “Friends.”

Honestly, though, there wasn’t anything that met the bar of “hysterically funny.” Sorry to make it awkward. We’d rate the show a five on the 1-10 funny scale, and a solid seven on the nostalgia scale for “Friends” fans.

We can hear the producers of the “Friends” parody now: “Stop helping!”

If you see it, let us know if you disagree. We’ll probably catch it again at The Orleans, and the show has a lot of potential, especially if it’s been punched up since its last iteration. Las Vegas was built on optimism.

Let’s just say it’s challenging to do a comedy spoofing a comedy, especially one of the best TV comedies of all time. The “Friends” musical parody feels a little high-school theatery, but the actors are talented, despite the limitations of the script.

These mid-level shows can be a fun diversion, and we want everyone to succeed, of course! Except Criss Angel, but everyone other than Criss Angel.

We do recall “Friends, The Unauthorized Musical Parody” being a pretty good value for the price. Tickets start at $58.75.

Find out more on the official site.