Palms Graphic Designer Confesses: “Dog Ate My Design, We’re Going With This”

In a shocking confession, a senior graphic designer at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas has admitted, “My dog ate the design for our players club card, so we’re going with something I slapped together at the last possible second.”

The Club Palms card, pictured below, shows the result of the unconfirmed canine incident.

Club Palms card
The player’s name and number have been removed, but otherwise this is an actual card for the Club Palms casino loyalty program. Seriously.

In an official statement, a representative of the Palms said, “It’s common knowledge dogs are very unpredictable. Shoes. Furniture. Tinsel. Babies. All these things are vulnerable to the insatiable hunger of dogs. While this situation is unfortunate, we trust our employees when they say something has happened to render their work extraordinarily baffling. We also trust our customers understand such circumstances, and suspect they’ve blamed dogs for various things, too, if you get our drift.”

Asked to describe the original artwork for the Club Palms card, the graphic designer stated, “It was game-changing, I can guarantee that. Immersive and jaw-dropping, definitely.”

When pressed to be more specific, the designer added, “This isn’t about looking back, it’s about moving forward. What you’re seeing in our players club card is derived from the reductive aspects of Modernism, and is a clear reaction against Abstract expressionism. So, step off, bro.”