One Steakhouse Serves Up One of the Best Dishes in Town

We haven’t tried all the restaurants at the newly-opened Virgin Las Vegas, but we’ve already found a dish to love.

It’s not just good, it’s one of the best dishes we’ve ever had in Las Vegas. And it’s not even an entree.

Behold, the Baked Short Rib Rigatoni at One Steakhouse.

One Steakhouse should serve this via a conveyor belt direct to our face.

The generous portion of rigatoni features whipped burrata, whatever that might be.

The Baked Short Rib Rigatoni is on the “Sides” menu, and its mind-blowing fleekness is amplified by the fact the price is a paltry $13.

No, that’s not a typo, although there’s the potential for confusion as the restaurant’s online menu (.pdf format) lists the dish as an entree for $38.

The rigatoni started as an entree when the restaurant opened, but we confirmed it’s now a “side,” although that’s using the term very loosely.

We prefer to call it one of the best dining values in the history of Las Vegas.

Every restaurant needs a destination dish, and this is that.

We make pictures because we know you don’t read. You’re welcome.

The short rib rigatoni is all the more incredible because One Steakhouse isn’t even an Italian restaurant!

One Steakhouse is a holdover from when Virgin was the Hard Rock. The restaurant was previously called MB Steak, and comes from brothers David and Michael Morton.

While our steak had some room for improvement (flame control issues), the rigatoni redeemed the kitchen in a very big way.

The steak was also a tad pricey for an off-Strip hotel at $59 for an eight ounce filet. Virgin expects to get quite a bit of convention business, and folks with corporate credit cards aren’t quite as price sensitive.

One dropped the ball on this, but hit a home run with the baked rigatoni. Yes, that’s a sports analogy. We can flex into your patois.

The rest of the meal was strong, including the bread. (You have to ask for it.)

We would tell you more about the nuances of the bread, but that would’ve involved “taking notes,” and we all know that’s not happening.

The service at One Steakhouse was top notch, the hostesses, servers and staff all friendly and helpful. Emphasis on hostesses, all due respect.

The interior design includes a light feature above the lounge area that changes colors throughout the course of the evening.

You’re not drunk, the lights are supposed to do that. Also, you might be drunk.

Overall, our first visit to One Steakhouse was positive, and any time you can add a new dish to your Las Vegas must-try list is time well spent.

Our plan for next time is to fly solo, sit at the bar, get the Baked Short Rib Rigatoni and four cocktails, and then it’s off to the video poker bar inside the casino’s high limit salon.

The vibe at Virgin is subdued, which is our preferred vibe, but if other venues can serve up buzzworthy offerings as good as One’s baked rigatoni, perhaps more guests will make their
way to this newly-remodeled resort.

Keep an eye out for this odd decoration at One Steakhouse.

You thought you’d make it through an entire article without some WTF? Do you know this blog at all?

Give One Steakhouse a try and let us know what you think!

Tell them Vital Vegas sent you. They won’t know what you’re talking about, but tell them, anyway. It’s an excuse to talk to the hostesses.