Live Music Returns to Fremont Street Experience on June 1

We’ve been getting a hell-ton of questions about this for months now, and our answer is finally confirmed: Live bands return to Fremont Street Experience on June 1, 2021.

The announcement follows the decision by Las Vegas officials to drop all pandemic mandates on June 1.

That means no capacity limits. No social distancing. No masks requirements.

Don’t get all weepy because Mermaids is in this photo, you big baby.

Yes, Las Vegas is Las Vegas again. See us and our awkward beard talk about it on KTNV.

The stages at Fremont Street Experience haven’t had live entertainment in a year, and now we’ll finally have some real music to drown out the idiots banging on pickle tubs.

This means a lot of dancing DJs (they’re money-savers, but are still considered live entertainment) and expect a number of your favorite house bands to return, although the specifics aren’t available yet.

Should all our scoop be in the form of a question?

We hear there’s even more good news on the horizon.

While the Fremont Street Experience free summer concert series was pushed back due to the COVID crisis, it wasn’t actually canceled as many assumed.

We understand many of the contracts in place for 2020 are being revamped so the concerts can be performed in 2021.

That’s right, according to our sources (we used to work there, so our sources are pretty solid), the Downtown Rocks free concert series is happening, just later than anticipated.

Fremont Street bands
The dope jams are back, or whatever the kids call them now.

The Downtown Rocks band line-up and dates haven’t been announced yet, but expect that information soon.

Bands are pretty sloppy about confidentiality, so expect some to post dates prior to the official schedule being announced.

It’s time for the much-anticipated return of live music to the stages on Fremont Street!

Expect some serious “dancing like nobody’s watching” on June 1.

Update (5/26/21): FSE has provided more details about its reopening night line-up. There are several great bands scheduled, and also Zowie Bowie. Main Street Stage: Crush, Spandex Nation, Dancing DJs; 1st Street Stage: Alter Ego, Dancing DJs; 3rd Street Stage: The Tony Marques Band, Zowie Bowie, Dancing DJs.