Neon Feast App is a Las Vegas Restaurant Guide That Actually Delivers

A new Las Vegas restaurant app just dropped and, unlike too many other apps, Neon Feast actually delivers on its promises.

We say this because we’ve been approached by myriad app creators hoping to build the essential Las Vegas dining app, but few approach the usefulness of Neon Feast.

You might say Neon Feast is the rare Las Vegas restaurant app that’s well done.

And we aren’t just saying that because we’re one of the whopping 32 restaurant experts whose opinions are featured on the app.

But don’t take our word for it, just download the app, already. It’s free, the way Mother Nature intended.

Neon Feast is a virtual buffet of Las Vegas restaurants, but without kids touching all the utensils.

Neon Feast comes from former Las Vegas Review-Journal food writer Al Mancini (see pics below). Even if you don’t know his name, you probably know the mohawk.

Let’s just say that after covering the Las Vegas dining scene for nearly two decades, Mancini has some serious Las Vegas restaurant chops.

Mancini has made the most of his own vast experience, while also drawing upon the opinions of his friends in town, a who’s-who of chefs, journalists, influencers and others who just eat out a lot and have opinions (that’d be us).

Yes, we used Photoshop to alter the list so we’d have top billing over our friend, Anthony Curtis. He won’t mind.

Experts (who are actually experts) you may recognize include Rick Moonen, Adam Sobel, Carla Pellegrino, Elizabeth Blau, James Trees and others.

The Neon Feast app is expansive and supremely browsable. There are built-in filters to help sort out dining options based upon criteria like cuisine, beverage, location and interests.

Neon Feast asks, “What are you in the mood for?” Keep it clean. It’s not that kind of app!

About a quarter of the restaurants in the app are on the Las Vegas Strip, so tourists and locals alike will find Neon Feast helpful in seeking out popular favorites or discoveries that don’t get enough love.

Visitors will find the restaurant recommendations for specific casino resorts especially enlightening.

As it’s just been launched, there are still more features to come. Future enhancements will include “premium” restaurant listings, where guests can ask questions, upload photos, make reservations, order take-out or call rideshare right from the app.

Note the enhanced functionality buttons. “Push the button!” Sorry, gratuitous bubble craps joke.

We especially like the “Featured Lists.” These are curated lists, such as for “Date Night,” “Sushi Off-Strip,” “Fremont East Area,” “Breathtaking Views” and “Dinner and a Show.”

Once you dive down these rabbit holes, you’ll be impressed with the work that went into this app, but you’ll also be reminded just how incredible and diverse our restaurants are in Las Vegas.

Naturally, you’ll want to see out our restaurant recommendations. Even if you’ve seen our dining takes on this blog, or on our Twitter account (recently named “Best Twitter Feed in Las Vegas” by Desert Companion magazine, they aren’t sortable. Sorting is bomb, as the kids say.

Here’s our favorite listing in the Neon Feast app.

There’s famous, then there’s rice dish named after you famous.

Big thanks to Al Mancini for the kind words and for including is in his Neon Feast app, as we are not a foodie (we just know what we like), and don’t let our participation deter you from getting a taste of this mouth-watering new Las Vegas restaurant app.

We’d love to hear what you think. Leave a comment, and don’t forget positive reviews in the App Store are very helpful in drawing eyeballs to new apps.

Get Neon Feast here and instantly become the Las Vegas restaurant authority you probably already thought you were despite not having a dish named after you yet. Yet.