A Cavalcade of New Things Are in the Works at Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Whenever a Las Vegas hotel plastic-wraps anything, new offerings (and security breaches) are likely to follow.

Here’s some new plastic at the Golden Nugget, downtown.

Golden Nugget casino
Shrink-wrapped for freshness.

Security measures precluded us from photographing what was behind the plastic sheeting, although if you know anything about this blog, the entire first half of this sentence was probably complete bull.

Golden Nugget
Cue the chain gang.

A hefty portion of the casino is getting seriously tore up! Yes, that’s the technical term.

The construction is part of ongoing enhancements to Golden Nugget’s legendary casino. Nearby, dozens of slot machines have been removed to make way for a new table games area.

Golden Nugget
No photos are allowed here either, we laughed.

But the newness doesn’t stop there. This is Las Vegas, after all, and in Sin City, new is the new old. Or something.

Golden Nugget is readying for the arrival of a new restaurant, Claim Jumper, moving into the space formerly occupied by the hotel’s cafe.

Claim Jumper
We miss the Golden Nugget’s Carson Street Cafe, but we’ll get over it. Presumably.

The Claim Jumper restaurant chain appears a good fit for the Golden Nugget, because, you know, gold mining and such.

Claim Jumper has several other locations in Las Vegas, with 40 across the country, and we’re already sort of a fan.

The menu covers a lot of ground, including steaks, fish, rotisserie chicken, baby back pork ribs, pot pies, salads, road flares, wood-fired pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, burgers and more. Hey, just checking to see if you’re still paying attention.

Claim Jumper
During the Gold Rush, miners were called “forty-niners,” in reference to 1849. The Gold Rush started in 1848, but calling someone a “forty-eighter” would just sound weird at this point.

Claim Jumper is also known for its desserts, including a Six-Layer Chocolate Motherlode Cake larger than many cruise ships.

Claim Jumper Golden Nugget
Granted, a little employee dining roomy.

When will Claim Jumper open? The sign out front says it quite cleverly, actually.

Claim Jumper

Right next door is an intriguing offering, Cadillac Tequila Cantina and Sports Bar.

Cadillac sports bar
Didn’t we just say that?

After upwards of three minutes of investigation, we have determined the Cadillac Tequila Cantina and Sports Bar will offer: 1) Tequila, and 2) Sports.

Told you. Please don't doubt us, we are an award-winning blog.
Told you. Please don’t doubt us, we are an award-winning blog.

Both Claim Jumper and Cadillac come from Landry’s, a company that owns nearly 500 restaurants in the U.S. and 15 other countries. They’re the same folks that own the Golden Nugget, in fact. Ah, the circularity of life.

Cadillac tequila bar
Intoxication and sports are BFFs.

Here’s a little tequila trivia, since we’ve run out of information about these new Golden Nugget establishments, and don’t have the ambition to dig up any more.

It’s a misconception tequilas contain a worm in their bottles. The marketing gimmick of including a “worm” applies to mezcals, a completely different distilled beverage made from the maguey planet. Tequila is made from the blue agave plant. The “worm,” by the way, is actually the larva of a moth.

You’re welcome for this six-layer motherlode of Golden Nugget updates.