Linq Hotel on The Strip Has Reopened-ish

The Linq hotel has reopened for the first time since March 17, 2020. Linq’s casino reopened June 12, 2020, but now guests can actually stay at the Strip resort.

We should mention Linq is officially called “Linq Hotel + Experience.” How many people call it that? Just one. She’s in the marketing department at Caesars Entertainment, owner of Linq. Even other people in the marketing department look at her funny.

Linq hotel
Since your last visit, Linq’s gone hexagonal.

While Linq’s hotel is back in action, it’s not the Linq we all know and love (and often feel sort of ambiguous about).

The hotel will essentially be open on weekends only, or Thursday through Sunday.

We broke the news a solid 11 days before the official announcement, but who’s counting?

Linq reopening Tweet
Does it always have to be about us, you asked, rhetorically?

Our sources say initial interest in Linq has been stronger than anticipated. For “shoulder” days (Thursday and Sunday), occupancy is sitting at about 25 percent. On Friday and Saturday, though, it’s about 60 percent, and that’s before same-day bookings that typically bump up weekend reservations further.

The original plan was guests would need to check out on Sunday, but we hear that’s been expanded so they can stay overnight Sunday, checking out on Monday.

Guests who want to stay midweek will be moved to Harrah’s, according to our sources.

Linq casino
This is the Linq casino, open. Casinos really need hotels.

As with other Vegas resorts at the moment, what’s open and what’s not is tricky.

Now that the hotel is back, the spa/salon and fitness center have also reopened.

On the food side, Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen, Hash House and Nook Express are open (albeit with odd hours).

Most restaurants are open again in the adjoining Linq promenade, so you should be covered.

O’Sheas Casino has reopened, but Friday through Sunday only, noon to midnight. The bar is closed, and there’s no live entertainment, but something is better than nothing.

O'Sheas Vegas
O’Sheas without people is like chicken without parm or Penn without Teller.

Even with all the Bizarro Vegas elements (including “daily housekeeping and other hotel services may be limited or unavailable”), it’s great Linq is back online. Everyone’s doing what they can to navigate a particularly challenging time in Las Vegas.

There are some great deals to be found, including rooms from $33 a night (Thursdays and Sundays), so take a look.

Welcome back, The Linq, formerly The Quad, formerly Imperial Palace, formerly Flamingo Capri. There will be a quiz.