Lingerie Football Makes Most Epic Marketing Move in History

The Las Vegas-based Lingerie Football League made its debut in 2009, and really caught on.

This success was probably due to the athletic ability of its players.

Out with the "Lingerie," and in with the "Legends."
It’s disgusting people don’t take these serious athletes seriously!

Earlier this year, though, the Lingerie Football League made an epic decision. The league has changed its name to the Legends Football League. You know, because of all the sports legends likely to emerge from this league of women who play football in skimpy outfits.

No more Lingerie Bowl, sorry. Now, it's the Legends Cup.
No more Lingerie Bowl, sorry. Now, it’s the Legends Cup.

The league has also changed its tagline from “True Fantasy Football” to “Women of the Gridiron.”

The league’s founder, Mitchell S. Mortaza, has said in interviews, “While the Lingerie Football League name has drawn great media attention…we have now reached a crossroad of gaining credibility as a sport or continuing to be viewed as a gimmick.”

You see, when you’re watching attractive women play football in revealing uniforms, while averting your eyes from the cleavage, the one thing you should be thinking is, “This is definitely not a gimmick, this is a serious sport!”

Let the face-palming begin.