Las Vegas Wranglers Skate Off Into the Sunset

Ice hockey’s Las Vegas Wranglers have called it quits.

We are not personally a sports person, but we understand there are people into that kind of thing.

If you were a fan of the Wranglers, founded in 2003 following the East Coast Hockey League’s takeover of the West Coast Hockey League to form the ECHL (thanks, Wikipedia), you’re currently up the rink without a stick. Or something. Let’s just say the owner of the Wranglers has announced the team is calling it quits after 11 seasons.

Las Vegas Wranglers
While their fans will miss the Wranglers, this blog will mostly miss the beastiality jokes inspired by this logo.

When the Wranglers learned their lease would not be renewed at the Orleans Arena, they went on the hunt for a new venue. At one point, there was a WTF plan to play in a rooftop arena at downtown’s Plaza hotel, but that never materialized.

The Wranglers drew about 4,500 fans a game. The Wranglers were the second-longest running pro sports franchise ever in Las Vegas. The first-longest are the 51s, a Triple-A baseball team. By comparison, the 51s have a huge number of their own teeth.

The good news is an NHL team is coming to the new AEG-MGM arena behind New York-New York, so hockey fans will soon have a new team to root for in Las Vegas. Perhaps it will even be one that wins sometimes. If you’re into that kind of thing.