Katy Perry Adds 16 Shows to Resorts World Run

While everyone’s been talking about the implosion of Adele’s residency, Katy Perry has quietly been kicking ass and adding shows to her Resorts World run.

Perry Tweeted, “Thanks to popular demand, we’ve just added 16 more shows to ‘Play’ at Resorts World.”

Don’t look so surprised, Katy. You put in the work.

Katy Perry’s Tweet then went on to include things that appeal to the kids: Emojis, “FOMO” and using “ur” for “your,” as well as “u” for “you.”

While this is annoying when other people do it, it’s sort of adorable when Katy Perry does it. We trust it’s actually her people doing it, and although we are
witnessing the end of the English language as we know it, whatever plays.

Perry’s new dates include: March 2-19, May 27 to June 11, July 29 to Aug. 13, 2022.

Perry’s nearly two-hour show has been well-reviewed, an explosion of eye candy with whimsical sets and costumes and hits galore.

Let’s just say it’s all the colors.

There are lots of videos of the show on YouTube, but we don’t want to ruin it. Let’s just say it’s imaginative and often downright weird.

You know all the words to all the songs.

In a widely circulated portion of the show, Katy Perry emerges from a giant toilet and sings “California Gurls” with a stool. Not the three-legged chair kind. We are not making this up.

Perry calls him Mr. Poo, and adds, “If you think that’s stupid, stick around.”

Today’s thing you didn’t expect to see in a Las Vegas show.

During her show, Katy Perry adds, “If you’re wondering if I’m going to play your favorite songs, I probably am. I’m playing songs that are older than that guy in the blue vest.”

In a refreshing twist, Katy Perry actually seems to be enjoying herself.

In another refreshing twist, Katy Perry appears to actually sing live during her show.

The news of Katy Perry’s additional shows is fantastic news for Resorts World, as the relatively new resort needed a hit, especially given the cancellation of Celine’s residency due to medical issues. To address your summer “FOMO,” “u” can get “ur” “tix” on the Resorts World site.

Yes, we’re all doomed, but at least the end of the world will have a catchy, hummable soundtrack.