Jonas Brothers Family to Open Nellie’s Southern Kitchen at MGM Grand

The dreamy Jonas Brothers and their family are bringing a restaurant to MGM Grand, Nellie’s Southern Kitchen, which you’d have already known if you read headlines more thoroughly.

This is the second Nellie’s Southern Kitchen (the other is in Belmont, North Carolina), but this one’s obviously going to be the best because it’s in Las Vegas.

All due respect, Belmont, wherever you might actually be.

Nellie’s will open in early 2022 in the former Hecho en Vegas space, near the entrance to the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Jonas Brothers hits include “Sucker,” “Only Human,” “Who’s in Your Head” and “Remember This.” We may not know pop music, but we know Google.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Jonas Brothers, what in the hell is wrong with you?

See how we cleverly distracted you from the fact we also don’t really know who they are? According to the news release, the Jonas Brothers are a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum-selling group.

The news release also helped us sort out who’s involved with Nellie’s. The restaurant is “helmed by Denise and Kevin Jonas, Sr., their sons Kevin II, Joe and Nick (the Jonas Brothers) and Franklin, in partnership with TLI Bedrock LLC, a New York City-based investment firm.”

We don’t know much about the Jonas brothers, but we sort of think Frankie Jonas is the coolest one because he’s called “Bonus Jonas.”

Anyway, they’re all doing a restaurant, and the food looks fantastic.

Nellie's chicken waffles
It is a huge mistake to visit the Nellie’s Facebook page if you’re hungry.

According to the news release, “Nellie’s will celebrate the comfort food, hospitality and Southern charm of the family’s 1760s roots in North Carolina.”

Nellie’s was named after Kevin Jonas Sr.’s grandmother whose name was, wait for it, Nellie. She passed away in 2011, but let’s not turn this into a sad story. Grandma Nellie would’ve loved Las Vegas!

Baker’s dozen of these, please.

Menu items will include dishes like warm biscuits, chicken and dumplings, the Hawg Hill Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich, chicken and gravy, chicken and waffles and meat loaf.

You know news releases can’t resist news releasing, so enjoy this gem, “The carefully crafted restaurant design is modern and elegant with a folkloric texture, which contributes to an atmosphere of ‘polished casual’ dining.” Translation: Casual, or what we like to call “firmly in our apparel sweet spot.”

Bonus: Folkloric Texture was our band’s name in high school.

Speaking of bands, Nellie’s Southern Kitchen will feature live entertainment, despite our best efforts. Some people are into that, though.

These are a few of our favorite things.

The official Nellie’s Southern Kitchen already has a Las Vegas page, so there’s that!

Honestly, the food at Nellie’s looks great and has “comfort” (and indulence) written all over it.

MGM Grand has some great dining options, but this location has untapped potential, especially due to the connection between the Jonas brand and the nearby arena. The brothers have performed there, as well as other casinos in the MGM Resorts family.

We expect Nellie’s to print money, because what’s not to love about fried chicken, pulled pork, biscuits and gravy, dumplings and, presumably, occasional drop-ins from former teen heartthrobs?

We can’t wait.