Fiddlestix Restaurant Opens at Downtown’s Gold Spike

Gold Spike, has opened a new restaurant, Fiddlestix, just weeks after closing its cafe, The Grill.

Fiddlestix Gold Spike
Gold Spike is geared to a young clientele, but the name of its new restaurant goes way back. “Fiddlestick,” referring to a violin bow, goes back to the 15th century.

Gold Spike is a block off Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. The former dive (sorry, boutique hotel-casino) was overhauled back in 2014 and is owned and operated by Downtown Project.

Fiddlestix Gold Spike
Insider tip: Here’s how to get a free soda at Fiddlestix. Good luck with that.

While there’s no longer gambling at Gold Spike, it’s become a popular downtown hangout, and an absolute smash as a Millennial destination on the weekends.

It’s part 86-room hotel, part bar and part college commons, complete with social games and some of the sweetest Wi-Fi in the city.

Fiddlestix Gold Spike
The counter seating at Fiddlestix has terminals so guests can fiddle around on the Internet.

Gold Spike also played host to the 31st season of “Real World.” Long story.

The restaurant refresh includes a revamped menu.

Fiddlestix Gold Spike menu
Keeping it simple for the kids.

Here’s a better look at the menu that features light appetizers, breakfast, salads, burgers and panini. Fiddlestix also has a decent selection of pastries.

Guests can also build their own parfait or acai bowl ($9), whatever that might actually be.

Click here for a better look at the Fiddlestix menu.

Fiddlestix Gold Spike
The Tuna Melter has Albacore tuna, provolone cheese, pickle relish and tartar sauce ($10).

Prices are a tad higher than we’d like (burgers are $11-12), especially for downtown.

There’s a Kids Menu for $5, with pancakes, tenders and grilled cheese, among other tot-friendly fare.

We tried the margherita flatbread, and it was disappointing. It’s probably best to think of Fiddlestix as being in a soft opening mode.

Fiddlestix Gold Spike
With so many great pizzas and flatbreads downtown, this one just can’t compete.

One thing Fiddlestix has absolutely nailed is its Boozy Milkshakes.

There are six to choose from ($10-11), including our obvious favorite, the Oh Captain, My Captain. It’s a delicious combination of Captain Morgan spiced rum, Cap’n Crunch cereal, vanilla ice cream and caramel. The menu also says it has choco sprinkles and a cherry, but those didn’t turn up in the milkshake we got. (We should also mention it took 15-20 minutes to get it.) No matter, still spectacular.

Fiddlestix Boozy Shakes
The winning Oh Captain, My Captain spiked shake at Gold Spikeis worth the wait.

Here are the other Boozy Milkshake options. They make a stop at Fiddlestix
well worth the trip.

Fiddlestix Gold Spike shakes
We’re not even going to pretend we’ll be trying the other flavors.

Our only real gripe with Fiddlestix is its tagline, “Pick-up Something Good.” See, while the restaurant may serve as a “pick-up” location, you “pick up” (a phrasal verb) good things, you don’t “pick-up” good things.

Then again, three spiked shakes in, and you won’t particularly care.

Fiddlestix Gold Spike restaurant
Not a huge change from when it was The Grill, but we think any amount of new is fire, as the kids say.

“What are the Fiddlestix hours of operation at Gold Spike?” you may ask. Fiddlestix is open 24/7. From 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. each day, Fiddlestix has build-your-own yogurt parfaits and acai bowls. Saturdays and Sundays, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., a specialty brunch menu is available.

Enjoy more pics from Fiddlestix.

Fiddlestix at Gold Spike