Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball Gets Rebrand, Moves to Palms

Palms has announced its Halloween 2022 plans, and they include hosting the former Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball.

The wildly popular Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball will now be called the Sin City Halloween Ball.

The famously outrageous party will be held on Oct. 29, 2022 at the hotel’s Pearl Theater and Palms Conference Center.

Palms is pretty much set for “Best Conference Center” in the Best of Las Vegas Awards. Screen grab from the Sin City Halloween Ball Web site.

Palms has put together a trifecta of Halloween events this year.

This is the first Halloween season since Palms reopened on April 27, 2022.

The Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball is the most recognizable of the recently-announced events. In 2021, the Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball celebrated its 25th anniversary. That event drew about 3,000 people. The organizers are limiting attendance at the Palms iteration to about half that number.

We don’t really know much about the behind-the-scenes machinations of the event, but we’re pretty sure they had to take the “fetish” out of the name to have the event at Palms.

Palms is owned by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians (although the tribe, too, is undergoing a rebrand, to the catchy Yuhaaviatam of San Manuel Nation).

We don’t get the feeling the tribe is all that fetish-friendly, but we have no confirmation the event name change was at the request of Palms or the tribe.

If it wasn’t the tribe, it was the pandemic, which tried to ruin everything. It failed.

Or as it’s called in Las Vegas, Saturday.

Anyway, this event always draws incredible costumes and make-up, even if the fetish aspect is muted a bit. The official description does say there will be “erotic and exotic entertainment,” so there’s that.

The list of “acceptable coverings” is a hoot, including leather, latex, p.v.c., lace, feathers and even Saran wrap. Read more.

The official event site also says: “To avoid causing any major skirmishes or mobilizations of the ‘Prudes for the Elimination of Erotic Parties,’ (PEEPers), please cover your naughty creations when coming to and from the event.”

Halloween in Las Vegas is Halloweenier. Feel fee to steal that line, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

The organizers of Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball (sorry, Sin City Halloween Ball) might have changed the event’s name, but they’re still sassy!

The Web site says, “‘Sin City’ is a frame of mind, however Clark County is being child proofed to ensure that 9 year olds of all ages will not be offended in any way. While toplessness is allowed on the streets, it would seem that it is not allowed the minute you go indoors (WTF)?”

Seriously, WTF? No nudity (including toplessness) or lewd behavior. No wonder they put “Sin City” in quotation marks. Heaven forbid consenting adults be able to do whatever the hell they want at a private event. Don’t get us started.

Moving on.

Also on Saturday, Oct. 29, presumably as counter-programming to the Sin City Halloween Ball (or perhaps to accommodate those who can’t get tickets due to capacity limits), Palms also hosts “Afterlife: Nightclub of the Living Dead.”

This event will also be held inside the former Kaos nightclub space, “this EDM-heavy dance party features the very best DJs in the world, headlined by Paul Oakenfold and a second, equally impressive co-headliner (to be announced on October 1), plus an amazing cast of support musicians.”

High-priced DJs and Kaos, together again. What could possibly go wrong?

On Friday, Oct. 28, Palms will host an event called “Thriller.” It will take place inside Kaos at Palms, which isn’t really a nightclub anymore. Long story.

Thriller is “a raucous, everything ’80s and ’90s bash (9:00 p.m. to midnight), transforming into a classic hits/current EDM favorites/new mixes extravaganza for later (midnight to 3:00 a.m.). Top local DJs play the hits from the ‘Thriller’ era, while world-class DJs take up the late night, with Billboard top 25 artist Ron Reeser, and a TBD headliner pulling the late shift.”

Is it a smidge early to start thinking about Halloween? No, because Halloween is awesome and you need to up your costume game this year, slacker.

We typically recommend Fremont Street Experience to see and be seen on Halloween, but Palms is going to give downtown a run for its money with its three parties.

It always sucks when Halloween falls on a weeknight (Oct. 31 is a Monday this year, the biggest Halloween buzzkill possible), but Las Vegas always finds ways to make make it work. Extending a one-night event to a weekend of events is gold for casinos and their event partners.

You’ll be hearing more about Halloween events in Las Vegas in the weeks to come, of course. Not from us, though. We’ll be busy working on our Halloween costume. We’re just praying there hasn’t been any disruption to the p.v.c. supply chain.