Downtown 3rd Restaurants and Bars Get Their Valet Service Yanked

This one’s a head-scratcher.

The valet service that served Downtown 3rd, a collection of restaurants and bars that includes Triple George, Mob Bar, Hogs & Heifers and Pizza Rock restaurant, has closed.

Downtown 3rd
Notice the lack of valet dudes.

Parking has been one of the more baffling aspects of the recently-opened Downtown Grand, which sits across a privately-owned street across from the aforementioned establishments. The hotel, Triple George and Mob Bar (both Mob Bars, since there’s also a new one in the Downtown Grand) are owned by the same company, Fifth Street Gaming.

Downtown Grand opened with no self-parking, an oddity in Las Vegas, and later made a nearby garage available for self-parking, but with somewhat confusing policies about validation and costs. Self-parking was originally announced at a cost of $5, but was later changed to two hours free, with validation at a restaurant or the Downtown Grand’s casino. (We’re not sure encouraging guests to leave after two hours is the best way to make money in a casino, but what do we know? We’re just a blog.)

Downtown Grand self-parking
The low down.

The terminated valet service made access to the bars and restaurants quick and easy. Now, customers have to use the Downtown Grand’s valet or they have to jump through the self-parking hoops.

Downtown Grand
Unrelated: We have been trying to figure out our car’s valet key for the last eight years.

We hear there’s been a recent shake-up with Downtown Grand’s executive team, so hopefully this and other fumbles will be recovered soon. Yes, we made a sports analogy. We’ve been drinking, and it won’t happen again.