Caesars Palace Announces Stadia Bar, Dumps Slice Bar

How can you tell Las Vegas is poised for a comeback? Casinos are announcing new stuff again!

Caesars Palace has announced a new sports bar is in the works, Stadia Bar.

The new bar, moving into the former Slice Bar space—in the resort’s Forum Food Court—will debut in the spring of 2021. That means Stadia could open as soon as March 20 or as late as June 20, just to give construction crews a little wiggle room.

Stadia Bar Caesars Palace
Behold Stadia, the first Las Vegas bar that sounds like it was named after an erectile dysfunction medication.

Alternate snarky photo caption: “There will be numerous large HD televisions in the Ewok village-inspired Stadia Bar.”

Stadia Bar will accommodate 120 people (post-pandemic, of course), many of whom are certain to be high-fiving once that’s cool to do again.

It wouldn’t be a Caesars Entertainment announcement without some PR flair, of course: “Stadia’s cocktail menu will feature an array of unique curated selections and an impressive list of highly allocated supreme spirits.”

We are a strong believer spirits can’t be considered supreme unless they are highly allocated.

Hooch aficiandos are likely to agree, as Stadia will serve Kentucky Owl 10 Year Rye, Pappy Van Winkle 13 Year Rye and Elmer T. Lee 100 Year Tribute, whatever those might actually be.

Stadia Caesars Palace
Stadia is also the name of Google’s ill-fated cloud gaming service. We like the liquor-based Stadia better.

Stadia will also serve food via mobile ordering.

While we are obligated to make snarky comments about, well, everything, we’re actually happy to see Caesars Palace moving forward with new offerings like Stadia. Yes, despite the sports.

This is one of the first new lounges since the merger of Caesars Entertainment and Eldorado Resorts.

The announcement of Stadia is another positive sign casinos are starting to shake off the shock of the pandemic, exploring new ways to draw customers expected to flood back to Las Vegas once the COVID-19 shitshow is behind us.

You know, spring of 2021.

Hey, Las Vegas was built on optimism.

We’ll keep an eye on Stadia and can’t wait to check it out and pony up $300 for a shot of Elmer T. Lee 100 Year Tribute.

Seriously, we have no idea what that is, but in that price range, hopefully it will help us endure the sports.