Blue Man Group Offers a New Backstage Tour We Can’t Wait to Take

Blue Man Group at the Monte Carlo has begun offering guests a new backstage tour of one of the quirkiest, most entertaining shows in Las Vegas.

The 90-minute “Onstage Experience” costs $299 per person and is hosted by members of the show’s cast and crew. (So, it’s a backstage tour, onstage. Please try and keep up.)

Blue Man Group
Blue Man Group members sign autographs with a smudge of blue paint.

The tour includes taking a closer look at Blue Man Group’s inventive instruments and props, as well as a music lesson on the show’s PVC instruments. Guests will also try their hand at the show’s memorable marshmallow toss.

The “Onstage Experience” package includes a Premium View ticket to any available performance (you don’t have to attend the show on the day you take the tour), a post-show meet-and-greet, a free cocktail, T-shirt and souvenir.

The new tour happens every Sunday at 2:00 p.m., and packages must be purchased by noon the Friday before the tour.

Find out more about this tour we suspect will be awesome, because it’s flipping Blue Man Group, on the show’s official site.