Beat Coffeehouse, Burlesque Hall of Fame Close to Make Room for Eureka Restaurant

Two downtown venues, The Beat Coffeehouse and Burlesque Hall of Fame, have closed to make way for a new restaurant, Eureka.

The Beat Coffeehouse
If you think The Beat Coffeehouse was just another coffee shop, you don’t know beans.

Both The Beat Coffeehouse, a beloved community gathering spot, and Burlesque Hall of Fame, a beloved place to think about boobs, lived on the first floor of the Emergency Arts Building, across the street from the El Cortez casino.

We weren’t going to let these well-liked businesses “go gentle into that good night,” at least not without a send-off security breach.

Burlesque Hall of Fame
The walls of the Burlesque Hall of Fame have been stripped bare.

While The Beat appears to have closed for good, the Burlesque Hall of Fame is relocating. Prior to taking up permanent residence in the city’s Arts District, the Burlesque Hall of Fame will be in a temporary space starting Oct. 7, 2016. The temporary location is 1017 South First Street, not that you’re going to stray that far away from a casino to find it.

The first floor of the Emergency Arts building will soon welcome Eureka, a hamburger restaurant chain based in Hawthorne, California. Sort of makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it?

Here’s a final glimpse inside The Beat, a longtime fixture in the Fremont East district.

The Beat Coffeehouse
This building is accustomed to change. It previously housed a J.C. Penney. After that, it was vacant for a decade. The Beat occupied the space for six jittery years.

Eureka is expected to open sometime in 2017. The Beat and Burlesque Hall of Fame will be tough acts to follow.