Vital Vegas Podcast Ep. 28: Hogs & Heifers & Listicles, Oh, My

It’s the first annual 28th episode of the Vital Vegas Podcast!

In this installment of our virtually unlistenable dog-and-pony show, we get a look inside a wild Las Vegas dive bar, Hogs & Heifers. From the sassy waitresses to the colossal security guards, we get the inside scoop about this must-visit Vegas landmark.

Hogs & Heifers
Up for a Las Vegas adventure? Hogs & Heifers will do the trick.

Also on this episode, we blaze through all the latest Las Vegas news, slap together a listicle, “10 Weird Things to Do in Las Vegas,” tap into some Las Vegas history and ramble incoherently about how the culture of casinos will never be the same following the roll-out of a new comp drink monitoring system at every Caesars Entertainment resort in Las Vegas.

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