Barry Manilow Finally Confirms Westgate Residency

Confirming a story we first got wind of back in Nov. 2017, Barry Manilow will undertake a new Las Vegas residency at Westgate Las Vegas.

The renowned singer-songwriter launches his follow-up to a two-year stint at Paris Las Vegas on May 24, 2018.

His new production, “Manilow Las Vegas: The Hits Come Home,” will be 85 minutes long.

The “home” in the show’s title is presumably a reference to the fact Manilow had a previous five-year run at Westgate (then the Las Vegas Hilton) that started in Feb. 24, 2005 and ran through 2010.

Barry Manilow at Westgate
Fun fact: Barry Manilow didn’t write one of his biggest hits, “I Write the Songs.” It was written by Bruce Johnston.

Manilow’s new show will feature some 40 of his top 40 hits, as well as a crowd-pleasing medley of catchy jingles he wrote for commercials back in the day.

Manilow wrote “You Deserve a Break Today” for McDonald’s, “Stuck on Band-Aid” for Band-Aid and “Like a Good Neighbor” for State Farm, among many others.

At 74, Barry Manilow has expressed a desire to have an easier schedule, as well as wanting to be able to keep his back gainfully employed, so his schedule will be relatively light at Westgate.

Scheduled dates are May 24-26, June 14-16, June 21-23, July 19-21, July 26-28, Sep. 27-29 and Oct. 4-6.

Tickets prices will range from $19.75 to $329.75.

Barry Manilow
Also fun: When Barry Manilow lived in Bel-Air, he frequently received room service from the Bel-Air Hotel at his home.

Manilow should be a much-needed boost to a spotty history of entertainment offerings at Westgate.

Additionally, his schedule is realistic and the theater is small enough (about 1,600 seats, despite the fact Manilow has said it’s 3,000 in media reports) that the producers shouldn’t have to paper the house to keep the theater full.

We saw Barry Manilow’s show at Paris, and his voice was still strong and charisma (and humor) were very much intact, so we look forward to seeing “Manilow Las Vegas: The Hits Come Home” at Westgate.