12 Treats You’ll Be Tempted to Fornicate With at M Resort’s Baby Cakes Bakery

Don’t get us wrong. This Las Vegas blog is not recommending you fornicate with baked goods, necessarily.

We’re just saying there are some temptations inside the Baby Cakes Artisan Bakery at M Resort you might be tempted to go all the way with.

You have a one track mind.

M Resort is about 15 minutes south of The Strip, and it’s one of our favorite places to eat, drink, gamble and fornicate. Although, not always in that order.

Las Vegas bakery
We’re only human.

Baby Cakes is just off the casino floor at M Resort. It’s open 24 hours a day, for all your reckless caloric intake needs.

Las Vegas confections
Technically, this is healthy food, right?

Aside from the titular cakes at Baby Cakes, the shop also boasts freshly-made pastries and artisan breads.

Baby Cakes cupcakes
Fact: Cupcakes have fewer calories if you eat them super slowly, probably.

The biggest dilemma at Baby Cakes is narrowing down your options.

Self-restraint isn’t in our vocabulary. Then again, neither is concupiscent, although it probably should be.

Oh, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Baby Cakes also boasts some of the best gelato in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas gelato
Note: Fornicating with gelato may make it melt faster. Allegedly.

Here, then, are a dozen random samples of the patisserie (a fancy word for bakery) experience that awaits at Baby Cakes inside M Resort Las Vegas.

Baby Cakes Artisan Bakery at M Resort